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Logistics services

We can offer a full spectrum of transportation and logistics services for our clients and partners all around the world by land, sea and air.

Sea freight transportation by road

We are able to haul any kind of sea freight with our own auto transporters across Baltic states, Belarus and Russia. It is a secure and convenient way to deliver your cargo because we operate the most modern auto transporters driven by experienced professional expeditors. You can be sure, that your sea freight will reach the destination on time!


Any kind

We deliver every kind of sea freight, so we can adjust to your individual needs.



More than 10 years of experience in cargo transportation enables us to ensure quality services for every single client.

Sea freight transportation by sea

We offer a wide range of services relating to cargo transportation in containers by sea. We work with the world’s largest shipping lines, which results in unlimited possibilities in respect of geographic barriers. We operate globally starting from cargo pick-up at any location or port worldwide to delivery of the cargo to its final destination. Our strength is the global network of agents and partners, that’s why we can offer our clients both the highest quality transportation and competitive price.


Global partnerships

Partners network ensures the smooth process of your sea freight transportation at any location.


Unlimited possibilities

We operate all over world, so there are almost any geographical barriers.

Overhead and heavy cargo transportation

The transportation of overhead and heavy cargo sometimes may be a serious and difficult task including legal and practical issues. Our experience enables us to take care of the whole transportation process consisting of proper transport, permissions, escort, cargo insurance and all the additional procedures that are necessary to assure safe and on time delivery from door to door.


Door to door transportation

We can pick-up your cargo at any location or port worldwide and deliver to its final destination.


Everything from one hand

We are your one stop shop for heavy cargo transportation. We take care of all the issues related to the transportation.

Cargo transportation by air

Cargo transportation by air is the choice when your cargo needs to be delivered fast event to the locations that are thousands of kilometers away. We are the specialized medium between your business and airlines. We have established partnerships with global airlines to provide you with the best cargo transportation solutions despite the geographical barriers.


Worldwide transportation

Our global partnerships let us transport your cargo anywhere in the world.


Fast and reliable

The network of well known global airlines ensures quality and on time delivery.

Cargo transportation by road across Europe

We provide cargo transportation services all across Europe. No matter, if you need a cross country delivery or transportation inside your country, we are ready to cover it!


All across Europe

We expanded the geography of our services, so we can transport your cargo all across Europe.



We will adapt to your business needs and we will offer the best solution.

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