Maintenance and repair

Truck Service

We provide every possible service regarding heavy transport repair and maintenance. More than ten years of experience enables us to do it with ease and confidence.


The first step of our process is the deep inspection of your vehicle to find out what causes the failure.


After the inspection, we analyze the problem and look for the best solution: reliable, efficient and cost friendly.


In the final stage our experienced team repairs your heavy transport using the most modern equipment.

Maintenance services

We provide both technical and aesthetic maintenance services to prevent your heavy transport from any failures.


Technical maintenance

We provide the full spectrum technical maintenance services to prevent the heavy transportation form technical issues and possible troubles.


Aesthetic maintenance

We provide aesthetical maintenance services such as painting, tire change and wheel balancing as well as everything else related with vehicle's outside.

Repair services

Our professional team has all the skills and knowledge to repair every possible technical failure of your heavy transport.


Engine repairing

Engine failures can cause serious troubles or even become fatal for the vehicle. We have both experience and equipment to help restore the damage or prevent the engine form failures.


Chassis repairing

The most common cases we have are the failures of chassis. We always look for the most cost effective and reliable solution to make it work again.


Hydraulics repairing

Our team of experts has a deep knowledge of troubles related with the hydraulic system and its elements. We will take care of your heavy transport, repair or change the parts of the system.


What we offer

Reasonable price

One of our goals is to always find a budget friendly solution.

Loyalty programs

We appreciate our loyal customers and offer them specific loyalty programs and discounts.

Responsibility & Precision

We invest into continuous modernization and learning, so we offer services recognized by quality and ecology certificates.

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