Security and ease

Secure parking area

Our 24/7 secure vehicle parking area meets the needs of those who seek for a place to leave their transport as well as those who are planning to sell vehicles.

Strategic location

Secured vehicle parking area is in the strategically convenient part of Tauragė city: next to the main road and industrial park.

Car selling centre

Tauragė is well known car selling centre of Lithuania.

Flow of potential buyers

Because of convenient location there is a guaranteed flow of potential car buyers.

Secured parking lot

Leave your vehicle in our secured parking lot and be sure that it will be safe and sound for as long as you need it!


24/7 security

We ensure the security of your vehicle in many ways: surveillance, guard, lightning.


Every type of vehicle

The parking area is suitable for both light and heavy transport.


Unlimited time

You can use the services of secured parking lot as long as you need them. There is no time limitation.


Friendly cost

Depending on the sector, the cost varies between 18-21 EUR/month.

Vehicle selling spot

Join more than 900 vehicle sellers who have already chosen our secured vehicle parking area for their business: security and a full spectrum of additional services are assured.


Ensured security

We ensure 24/7 security for all your vehicles with a help of surveillance system, guards and lightning.


All services in one place

You will find all the services that are required when selling and buying a car in one place: leasing, customs and insurance agents.


The biggest lot in the western Lithuania

We are being trusted by the majority of vehicle sellers in western part of Lithuania.


Benefits for loyal customers

We appreciate the loyalty and trust of our customers so we offer them specific programs and discounts.


Why us?

Everything from one hand

All the services related with vehicle selling and buying process is available in the area.


More than 900 vehicle sellers have already trusted our experience in the field.

Focus on client

One of our goals is to build the most positive experience possible for our customers.

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